About Us

Mission Statement: Inspiring and educating the upcoming generations to utilize nature's bounty to support their health and well-being. 

We are a holistic health brand that focuses on educating people on how to implement plants into their self-care routine. Our goal is to expose the upcoming generation to the importance of engaging in self-health while pursuing their passion. Rooted Vybz is not only a holistic health brand but a lifestyle. We encourage our followers to # S T A Y R O O T E D in their health, vision and aspirations. When you are rooted, you have set an unshakeable foundation for yourself that will continue to stand during rough times. One must always remember that everything that you do or say is vybrational and transfers energy. 

Rooted Vybz stands on these core values:

🌱  Self care is the best care. 

🌱  Health is the greatest wealth one can attain.

🌱  Inspiring the upcoming generation to turn their passion into prosperity.    

The products we offer are easy and very convenient to use. If cared for properly they have a lengthy shelf life of 1-2 years. As Rooted Vybz LLC continues to expand we hope to offer a variety of herbal products including herbal tea blends and capsules. Our products can be used as a beneficial addition in one's wellness journey alongside a balanced diet, proper hydration, and consistency.