🌱  Do herbal glycerites have expiration dates? 

If stored in a cool and dark place, herbal glycerites can have a 1-2 year shelf life.

🌱  Where is the best place to store my herbal glycerite? 

Inside a cabinet or a dark storage box. 

🌱  What is the best way to maximize the performance of the product? 

To maximize product performance, we recommend that our customers engage in a balanced diet, proper hydration, and consistency. 

🌱  What is the best way to administer an herbal glycerite? 

Under the tongue for fast absorption.

🌱  Can all 3 glycerites be used at the same time? 

Yes, they can be used at the same time however we recommend that you allow a break in between each product to give them a chance to flow through the body. However, we encourage you to consult your medical/health professional before taking any actions based on the information provided. 

🌱  Can these products be used externally? 

No, these products are to be used for internal consumption only. Any customer using Rooted Vybz LLC products outside of the intended use are doing so at their own risk. 


🌱  *Separation is normal* 🌱